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Round Moulds
Rounds moulds have a wide variety of applications in food and beverages industry. Parties, restaurants, take-away service stations, hospitals, canteens, offices, outdoor events etc. Usta-Form provides moulds for all kinds of round cups , food containers for food and beverages industry. From our European material used moulds, you can easily produce lightweight, durable cups from PP, PS, PET and these can be used for storing liquids and food, where the products are mostly food-grade and leak-proof.
• Round yogurt cups • Tea and coffee cups • Water cups, filled and sealed or with no sealing • Dairy cups • Ice-cream cups • Yogurt bowls • Hummus bowls • Soup bowls • Salat containers
Rectangular Moulds
We manufacture accurate and strong moulds for rectangular containers, trays, lunch boxes, take-away containers that are used in catering, supermarkets, restaurants, canteens, hospitals and many more other fields that require disposable plastic cups and containers from PP, PS, PET. When rectangular, precise work and finishing is more crucial than any other type of moulds. To achive this quality in tooling, UstaForm has the experienced team, plus the high quality European CNC tooling. On top of the high quality European CNC tools, we use only European.