KG-F75 Thermoforming Machine

General Features

– Synchronized forming and cutting by tilting movable lower platen to 80 degrees
– Sheet pitched by double toothed chains and move on abrasion resistant slide plates;
– Lengthened pan design allows to reach optimum forming heat without using pre-heater machine
– Upper and lower Mold ; heats control by indivudial Thermoregulation device
– Fine adjustment for mold by electric drive.
– Traversing and tilting moving system of mould
– PLC for control the line operation and supervise working parameters
– Opportunity to set one or more forming cycles without cutting by pneumatic drive
– High production capacity with resistant to high speed Strong and  vibration free main body
– Double inlet- outlet system  for fast cooling by  increasing water discharge.
– Energy analyzer which gives amount of the electric consumption
– Cutting adjustment possible by digital meter ,controlled by PLC.
– Plug asist motor and plug speeds all controlling by PLC suitable to put variotions of movement to plugs to plugs,start slow go fast end slow etc

High Speed Thermoforming Machine for Beer Cups, Beverage Cups