CMK 95-65-S3 Station Thermoforming Machine

CMK 95/65-S3 Station Thermoforming Machine is eligible to form round and rectangular shape lids, plates and trays, single or mu iti compartment containers, hinged lid containers, leaking-proof containers, egg viyole, ete. Machine has the bigger forming area than 85 series station machine, and it is better if high capacity is targeted. Machine adopts the latest thermoforming technology itself and intelligent control. This model combines maximum speed and bulk production, high quality and efficiency, and low consumption in energy. lts mould is equipped to perform well with polymer plastics as well as biodegradable plastics.


*AII units are fully automatic
*Movable touch control panel
*Screen size 15″ and colour
*Electricity panel assembled to the machine and cooling by AC
*Ethernet portal
*Possible to store different mould settings
*Convenient and fast mould change and pneumatic fixing
*Pneumatic control systems with servo motors
*Automatic lubrication of moveable parts which is activated as per the specified time space
*Safety sensors for mould assemble
*An innovative smart system which allows the operator an easy-to-use interactive interface
*Pneumatic system for sheet roll lifting up (Ø1200 mm)
*Sheet sensor
*Protection sensors
*Automatic va ive for water in/out

Max. Tool Area 990 x 690 mm 990 x 690 mm 990 x 690 mm
Max. Process Area 950 x 650 mm 950 x 650 mm 950 x 650 mm
Max. Height + and – (+,-) 150 mm (+,-) 150 mm (+,-) 150 mm
Upper Group Servo Motor 5.5 kW 5.5 kW 3 kW
Lower Group Servo Motor 5.5 kW 5.5 kW
Reference Servo Motor X-Y 0.75 kW 0.75 kW 0.75 kW
Total Motor Power 30 kW 17 kW 4.1 kW


*4-column, servo-controlled station groups
*Needle bearing toggle system
*Cooling water flow control system
*Max stroke upper/lower 150 mm
*Lubrication system for each bearing
*Easy mould damping (with Locking System)
*Support piston upper and lower group
*Upper group spacing system (Positioning block parallelism)
*Ability to work with frame or press in upper and lower press
*Servo controlled seal system
*Compression force 70 tons


*Servo motorized stacking plate
*Counting and stacking system that can be control led from the screen
*Conveyor belt to transport stacked products


*4 Column cutting station
*80mm diameter resistant shafts in each column
*Lower and upper independent servo motor station groups
*Cutting right – left and forward – reverse motorized adjustment system
*Max 180°C cutting blade temperature and insulation plate.
*Fast blade damping system
*Cutting group stroke lower/upper 150 mm
*Needle bearing system
*Piston upper group dearance system
*Compression force 70 tons