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When it comes to thermoforming plastic food packaging, the choice of thermoforming machine and extrusion line is crucial. At Kuzey Global , we use high-quality technology and materials in production Our KG and CMK Series Thermoroming machines and Extrusion lines are at the forefront of advanced technology, offering a wide forming area and allowing us to reach high capacities efficiently. Whether you need packaging for small individual portions or large and heavy food items, our machines can handle it all with ease.
One of the key strengths of our machines is their ability to handle PET food containers with exceptional precision. The high cutting power ensures that every PET container produced meets the highest quality standards, providing reliable packaging for your valued products.
Our tilting and station thermoforming machines offer the most suitable solutions at high standards for packages produced with PP, PS, PET raw materials.
Kuzey Global are committed to delivering top-quality thermoforming plastic food packaging machines and extrusion lines that not only meet industry standards but also exceed your expectations. Our experienced team is ready to collaborate with you to bring your packaging ideas to life. Contact us today and let’s embark on a successful packaging journey together!

KG Серии

Формование и резка

Ceрии KG Термоформовочных машин обеспечивают высокую производительность с использованием передовых технологий и широкой зоны формования. Кроме того, высокая мощность вырубки оборудования является наиболее подходящей машиной для производства изделий из ПЭТ.

KG Product1c 2

СMK серии
Формирование и стальные ножные резки

The CMK Station thermoforming machine represents a cutting-edge advancement in automatic vacuum pressure forming machines, integrating servo plugs and state-of-the-art steel rule cutting technology.

Distinguished by its elevated level of automation, this innovation ensures effortless operation through a refined control system that has evolved based on invaluable customer feedback. Exceptional performance, unwavering forming precision, remarkably brief re-tooling intervals, impeccable cutting accuracy, extraordinary adaptability, and user-friendly interfaces are merely a glimpse of the myriad benefits encapsulated within the CMK deluxe series. These advantages collectively contribute to the optimization of production expenses.

Our standard CMK thermoforming machine accommodates an extensive array of thermoplastic materials including PP, PS, APET, CPET, PS, PLA, OPS, EPS, and PVC. This versatile platform facilitates the creation of various products such as hinged containers, lids, trays, blisters, and more. A pivotal attribute lies in its compatibility with diverse thermoforming mold technologies, spanning male or female molds as well as positive and negative forming molds. Leveraging the plug assist forming mechanism and diverse stacking solutions, the CMK series transcends into a universal apparatus boasting an appealing investment-to-benefit ratio across multiple product applications. This guarantees optimized efficiency and heightened performance regardless of the material being processed.

The extensive range of models within the CMK Station machine  series offers tailored solutions to cater to diverse production requisites prevalent in the contemporary packaging industry.

Highlights of this innovation include:

– **Enhanced Investment Value**: Unwavering quality, stellar performance, and unparalleled flexibility.

– **Data Memory System :Facilitates the initial self-configuration of cycle parameters.

– **Efficient Tool Switching**: Minimizes machine downtime through rapid tool changes.

– **Sturdy Cutting Platen**: Reduces deflection, thereby extending knife longevity and enhancing process stability.

– **Precise Ceramic Heating Elements**: Individual temperature controllers ensure exact temperature settings.

– **Energy Consumption Display**: Clearly defines real-time energy savings, contributing to eco-conscious operations.

– **User-Friendly Interface**: Facilitated by cutting-edge software and a touch screen control panel affixed to a sliding arm spanning the operator’s side.

CMK Product1c 2


PP-PS Sheet extrusion Lines

Besides offering monolayer sheet extrusion lines for PP and PS, we have the capability to provide a diverse range of multilayer configurations, ranging from 3-layer setups up to 7-layer setups. Our co-extrusion lines are meticulously engineered to deliver the utmost efficiency in producing barrier sheets, including options like EVOH and EVA layers, vibrant colors, or a pristine virgin material outer layer to suit your specific requirements.

PET -RPET Sheet Extrusion Line

When aiming to manufacture the most transparent sheet with an impeccable visual appearance, our Kuzey series, specifically tailored for PET/rPET, stands out as the ideal production line to meet your manufacturing requirements. Our single screw extrusion lines have been meticulously designed to ensure a streamlined process with minimal disruptions. Leveraging the innovative IRD technology,

Our PET extruders are built with a focus on user-friendly operation, adaptability, and versatility. They are capable of producing a wide range of PET sheets, including C-PET, GAG PET, 100% GPET, rPET (including 100% regrind sourced from bottle flakes), and APET. With these capabilities, you can trust our equipment to deliver exceptional results for your PET sheet production needs.


When it comes to producing thermoformed products on a larger scale, particularly when frequent product changes are not a requirement, the most efficient and cost-effective production process involves an inline combination of the sheet extrusion line and the thermoforming machine.

KUZEY’s inline extrusion lines are designed to seamlessly integrate with the thermoforming process. They intelligently adjust the calender speed and extruder output, maintaining a consistent and uninterrupted production flow, even during adjustments made to the thermoforming machine. This integrated system is adaptable to virtually all brands of thermoforming machines, providing a cohesive and efficient production setup that optimizes your manufacturing output.

  • Простая система автоматизации работы.

  • Терморегулированная система подогрева для жесткого листа.

  • Однослойное и многослойное производство для PP, PS, PET

  • Опциональные блоки; Аккумулятор, дозирование, кремний, сушилка и кристаллизация.

Подробнее об Экструдере


Дизайны USTAFORM предназначены для формовки и резки пресс-форм, а также пресс-формы для термоформования в термоформовочных машинах. Производственная секция оснащена европейскими станками с ЧПУ, которыми управляет опытный технический персонал для формирования проектов пресс-форм в соответствии с требованиями заказчика.



Наша производство началось с пресс-форм в 1970 году, фирма называлась USTA KALIP, после под названием CAG MAKINA начали производить термоформовочные оборудования в 1995 году. В настоящее время наша деятельность продолжается под названием KUZEY GLOBAL.
KUZEY GLOBAL вкладывая большие усилия в исследования и разработки. стремится стать одной из ведущих компаний в международной сфере. В сфере Термоформовки и Упаковки наша фирма единственная в Турции которая производит проекты под ключ.
В 2015 году началось производство экструдерной линии, и данное оборудование так же стала частью нашего заводского производства. В настоящее время наша компания продолжает производство оборудований и пресс-форм под маркой KUZEYGLOBAL.
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